A criminal background check is always useful for recruiters to identify employees with a troubled past or a history of criminal records. However, many organizations and businesses fail to realize the power of background checks and follow the traditional method of hiring which hardly involves any background check for employees.

By not conducting a proper criminal background check, they not only put their workplace at a risk but also increase the chances of an unforeseen incident which might occur because of an employee’s violent criminal record.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits you will get from a criminal background check:

1. Improved Hiring Process

By conducting an extensive criminal background check on a candidate, the employer can easily dig up their past and understand if they are fit for the job or not. Hiring a person for the position of an HR or a counselor whilst the person themselves has had anger management issues can create difficult situations in the workplace later on.

In order to remove any doubts or apprehensions, it is advisable to run a background check on your employees before you hire them.

2. Focused Attention

If an organization is well aware of a person’s situation and their dark history, they usually take extra care and give attention. People with mental dissatisfaction, anxiety, and panic attacks are even given extra support in their hard times if they are a good resource to the company and work well enough.

However, if the employee hides their traumatizing past, it might cause heavy fluctuations in his/her productivity levels which will ultimately reflect on the company’s decreased performance.

3. Reduce Workplace Violence

An effective method to reduce workplace violence is to see what shows up on a criminal record check of a person. It is not a compulsion that a person with a history of abuse, be it be mental, verbal or physical will definitely create chaotic situations at the workplace but there are heavy chances that they just might do so.

You should take proper measures to refrain from any such accident which could potentially harm your present employees or adversely affect your company’s reputation. Even if they stay calm in the office hours, there’s a big possibility that they might turn violent out of the office boundaries, get into abusive fights and end up in jail.

4. Decreased Risks

One simple background check can drastically reduce the risk of any violent or unprofessional act at your workplace. If your company deals with sensitive information and data, has a wide user base which includes women, children, and elder people too, you must definitely conduct background checks on your employees. Dealing with confidential data and handling customers from different age groups require patience, and any careless or ethically wrong record should be looked up to.

5. Increased Turnover

A company invests a substantial amount of money and time in training their employees. However, if they hire someone without a proper background check, they are at greater risks of hiring someone whom they might have to let go in a short span of time.

This is exactly why every organization and business should follow verification processes and ensure that their employees have a flawless record with a strong background. Verification Canada is one such organization that renders professional background check services. They have skilled resources that can perform an online criminal record check in Canada easily.