You’ve seen them lurking around the corner, up in the ceiling, on lamp posts, and hidden inside fluffy teddy bears, they even seem to follow you with their “eye”. Security cameras are increasingly becoming a common accessory to public places like banks, casinos, road intersections, schools, but they are also becoming an essential part of residential security systems. Yes, security cameras are a good tool to ward off crime in your own home, protecting your family and your property.

But, how do you use security cameras to their full potential? Below are some ideas on how to incorporate security cameras into your home safety plan.

Perimeter Monitoring

Stop a trespasser before they reach your front door. By mounting outdoor security cameras to your home perimeter, you will not only have a 360 degree view of your property but also deter unwanted visitors before they get too close.

Who’s at the front door?

What’s better than a peephole? A small security camera that allows you to see from afar who is standing outside your front door. Lighten your carbon footprint by installing a motion-activated security camera that only records when movement is sensed on your front step.

Teddy Bear Watch

Nothing is more precious than your children, so it can be unsettling to leave them with a babysitter or nanny, and rightfully so. Nanny Cams are the perfect way to have peace of mind while you try to enjoy a couple hours without the kids. These tiny security cameras can fit into any household object, teddy bears usually get first watch with these devices. You will be able to playback the interactions with your child or even view in real time.

Points of Entry Monitoring

Criminals don’t always go for the front door as a point of access to your home, which may be assumed to have a camera anyway, so it is important to place security cameras at other points of entry like patio doors, basement doors and windows. We aren’t saying turning your house into the next Alcatraz, but it is a good idea to have “eyes” on entrances that can’t been seen by neighbours or from the street.

Garage Monitoring

Garages are easy targets for robbers because they are typically not alarmed, locked, or have security cameras. There is a lot of temptation and money sitting in a garage: cars, trucks, motorcycles, power tools, and other items prime for resale.

Installing a visible security camera that is out of reach heeds criminals away from your garage and lets them know “Hey, you are on camera!” This tactic as well has always locking your garage door will help prevent theft.

Monitor pool and play areas

There is no doubt that pool safety is incredibly important to monitor closely, especially with young children who have a higher risk of drowning. Or do you have a jungle gym? A fall could be devastating. Installing security cameras with direct eyes on your pool or play area is a great way to allow the children to play and you relax inside while still keeping an eye on their safety.

In the end, security are a good addition to you home safety plan. They provide security and peace of mind for you, your family, and your home.