Love is like a battlefield, well so is the search for top talent!  You could have a flood of amazing applicants for the hottest job at your company, but a great candidate and challenging job responsibilities isn’t quite enough to attract and retain that top candidate you want.  So, what will?

Your corporate culture is a good place to start to woo the hearts of potential employees. Corporate culture is the personality and essence of your company, it is constantly influencing the success and/or failure of your hiring efforts – and ultimately, your company’s success. 

There are many ways to describe corporate culture, so here is an easy way to put it. Your corporate culture is essentially your company’s DNA.  It is your company’s identity, what it stands for and how it conducts operations. Corporate culture is not some document outlining the who, what and how, but it’s in the actions of your staff, the words that are communicated internally and externally and the way your company reacts to challenges and successes.  

So, why does corporate culture matter? 

According to CareerArc, 75% of job applicants take into consideration a company’s brand before even clicking the “Apply Now” button.  Even more shocking is that 95% of potential employees believe that corporate culture is more important than compensation. This is more evident now with Millennials and as Generation Y enters the workforce.  These two groups are looking for a job that comes with a purpose, values and a mission that speaks globally. 

So, can you build corporate culture? 

You could take a page from the big companies, like Google or Facebook or Twitter, and spoil your staff with free food, on-site gyms, nap rooms, and hammocks for desks, but doing that without research into your company’s true self could leave you out of pocket with no ROI.  Here are some steps you can take that will have employees falling in love with your corporate culture:

Ask Your Staff

Who better to ask for help to build a corporate culture than the people who already work at your company? You can use a survey or focus groups or a team meeting to gather information about how they feel about the current corporate culture and what could be improved.

Be Open Minded

Feedback is a gift, so share it with your team.  This not only shows your transparency but also that you are taking action to what your employees are saying.

Be Genuine

Building a corporate culture is not something you check off of a list.  It is an ever-evolving practice that will grow and continuously develop as new team members are introduced.  This is about maintaining the identity of the company and being honest on what the company can and cannot do, especially if it goes against company values.

Fall in Love Baby

Building a corporate culture is not an instant fix.  It takes time, honesty and embracing change to bring a corporate culture to life and then to fall in love with it.  By taking little steps in improvement, living and breathing the corporate culture every day and engaging your employees to do the same, and integrating your corporate culture into your daily operations, you will naturally attract and retain top talent to join your company.