One of the key areas of Employee Background Verification is to check the fingerprints of the prospects in the criminal database. Fingerprinting services are a highly-accurate way to confirm someone’s identity. It is the only way to be sure that the person you are dealing with is really who they claim to be. It also ensures that they do not have a criminal record.

To authenticate and validate the data, Verifications Canada provides fingerprinting services to clients and is one of the leading firms in Canada to provide these services.

Who Requires These Services?

Fingerprinting services are provided for those who are seeking Criminal Background checks for:

- Immigration
- Permanent Residence
- Citizenship
- Employment (Federal, Provincial, Private)
- Record Suspension (Pardon Application)
- Adoptions, etc.

Requirements to Avail These Services:

The following are the requirements to avail of these services:
- An employer must ensure that there is a job-related requirement for completing the checks.
- It is necessary to inform the employee about the personal data usage and to take a written consent.

Types of Services Offered:

Verifications Canada provides fingerprinting services as per the needs of the organization. Depending on what the client requires, services are customized and ensured that quality services are provided with no hassles. Following are the two services that are availed by the majority of the clients in Canada:

Card scan Fingerprinting:

This is the traditional way of providing fingerprinting services. In this option, the employee's fingerprints are collected at their work location and later digitized at the head office. Due to this, there is no need of visiting a government office or the police station.

Lives-can Fingerprinting

Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically with advanced machines. There is no ink or card involved as is the case with traditional fingerprinting. This data is submitted to CCRTIS for verification, and the checks are done in a secure and faster way.

Following are the benefits of using fingerprinting services provided by Verifications Canada:

1) Security:
At Verifications Canada, the data gathered is secure and handled in the best possible way. High standards are maintained, and steps are taken to ensure that there is no leak to third-party sources.

2) Authentication:
The criminal name checks are carried out through CPIC and criminal record checks through Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). 
With the help of these checks, it is possible to provide a detailed and authentic report. Verifications Canada uses the latest technology and leverages the digital medium to get the best possible solutions for its clients.

3) Convenience:
Verification Canada offers services that can be availed by setting an online appointment by selecting a date, time and location. The option of an agent coming to your work-place to collect the fingerprints makes the service highly convenient and saves the employer of time and effort.


The bottom line is that fingerprinting services will help the organizations to get information about employee’s past criminal records. This information will aid the organizations to take better decisions and select the right people. Over the years, Verification Canada has kept on improving its services, and with more than thousand clients in Canada as well as globally, it is one amongst the best in this field.