1. Some candidates give fake references.  It’s hard to imagine, but some job seekers will give out fake references just to get the interview or the job.  There is only one way to confirm your candidate has not been lying to you, check them yourself.  Plus, you don’t want to hire someone that has lied to you before even starting their job.

2. You will learn about your candidate’s work ethic.  The essence of a reference check is to verify with former employers the responsibilities and tasks your potential new hire has performed in the past.  You will also be able to determine punctuality, teamwork, and culture fit with various work environments. A reference check will paint a whole picture.

3. It’s an opportunity to get to know your candidate better. There is always risk when you hire someone you do not know, it can be a daunting feeling.  This is someone who applied online or handed in there resume off the street, and you have absolutely no idea about this individual’s life, including what they are telling you in their resume.  Now, we are not saying EVERYONE isn’t to be trusted, but it is a good practice to call at least two references to learn more about the person who may end up working at your company.

4. You will have confidence in confirmation of their information. What a sentence?!  Checking references is the most direct way to confirm resume details, communication skills, teamwork, and a variety of the other skills and experiences that your potential new hire has told you.  Any reference check will aid in giving you and indication on the type of employee your new hire will be.

5. Reference checks aid in eliminating any surprises. Speaking to references and asking questions that will help you assess if your potential new hire is the right fit for the job, and for the company.  Resumes are an opportune place for job seekers to bend the truth, to colour them with gray areas, and to exaggerate job titles and responsibilities.  By conducting references checks, you will secure your hiring process with accurate and truthful information, and the right person for the job.

Remember, no matter how perfect a candidate is on paper, they could be just a good ol’ Pinocchio!