A question that keeps rocking up while initiating an employee background check is how long does it take?  Pre-employee background verifications are often conducted by prudent employers to complete the hiring procedure. It gives the assurance of safety, legal observance, potential liability issues, company fit and more.

Employers either have their in house team to perform the task or they appoint background checking services in order to collect relevant information about that particular applicant. It generally takes 2 to 3 working days but depending on the number of factors it might even take months to be done completely. Few of the commonly used tools for background checking are media scans, Google result, Government documents etc. In simple words, it is not always possible to generalize the time span for background inspection as a lot of factors work together to make the process which is not entirely in the hands of the employers.

Before discussing about the timing let’s have a look at the things that are included in the pre employment background inspection process:

- Identity confirmation
- Credit check
- Employment verification
- Educational background verification 
- Experience in professional field 
- Global watch list checks
- Criminal background check services 
- Motor  vehicle records 

There are various reasons responsible for a delay in the verification procedure. Some of the prominent causes are listed in the following.

1. Average timing
As discussed above, majority of the background checks take 2 to 3 days for completion. On the other hand FBI crosses 30days to conduct such checks. Some instant background inspection services are also available. But the word instant indicates a risk in this field. This is because an instant criminal records database does not always contain accurate information. To avoid such things most of the reputable organizations prefer taking a bit long to ensure accurate results in this sensitive matter. 

2. Common causes of interruption
There are many things that come in the way of a free flow of background checking operation. Two major reasons are inaccurate check request forms and failure to release the mandatory authorization form signed by the job applicant. Federal law demands such release forms and every job applicant should be informed in a letter that the background inspection procedure. Without these forms the process cannot be started.

3. Delay in record verification
Renowned organizations get in touch with the applicants’ schools and previous offices to verify the information provided by them during the interview. This is a time consuming process, especially if the schools and former employers do not have computerized records, which ultimately leads to a delay.

4. Scrutinizing records
A simple confusion over names can slow down the entire process. Sometimes agencies need to go through huge databases for each variant of a name, the task becomes more difficult when an applicant has a common name.  In that case they have to review and scrutinize the records to make sure that they have caught the right person.

In order to speed up the process agencies must gather accurate and relevant information and documentation regarding the applicant. To eliminate the delay it is important for you to know the causes of it. Now when you know the reasons behind a long stretched background checking procedure, you can easily work on it. The best way for employers to increase its speed is joining hands with an agency that makes such vital information accessible online.