If you are looking for a new job, your next career move, or your forever employer, there are more job boards than ever to sift through to find the right job for you. Provincial, national and global players are all competing against to have you click-through there countless job description from thousands of employers. But, how do you know you have the right job board? Below are a list of job board to help you find your next job.


At the time of this blog, over 77,559 jobs had been posted in the last seven days to Indeed. It is no wonder why Indeed is the leading job board in the world! Indeed provides not only jobs but company reviews, salaries, and an employer portal. Indeed scours the internet pulling jobs from all websites from local businesses to national career pages. Visit their job board: www.indeed.ca


Established in 2000, Workopolis is Canada largest job board and the leader in HR technology for businesses. Employers are obsessed with Workopolis and search the candidate resume database over 16,000 times a day. If you want your resume to get noticed, upload it to Workopolis. At any given moment, Workopolis posts between 30-50,000 jobs. That is a lot of opportunities that may be the right fit for you! Visit their job board: www.workopolis.com


This job board is more than just posting career opportunities every day for more than 20 years, Monster is a global online employment solution for both job hunters, like you, and employers, like your future bosses. Monster uses an integrated approach to focus technology and expertise to help bring people together, streamline application and recruitment processes, and increase returns on investment – be it a new job or new hire. Every minute, 29 resumes are uploaded, approximately 8,000 jobs are searched, and over 2,500 jobs are viewed. Visit their job board: www.monster.ca

Government Job Boards

Yes, even the government posts jobs for you to apply to. The Government of Canada and provincial government have designated pages on their websites for you to create an account, search job opportunities, and apply for a government job. Be ready for a lengthy process to get your account set up and some applications can have a lot of questions as part of the job application.

Recruitment Agencies

These are the professionals at finding jobs for people and people for jobs. Recruitment agencies across Canada, and the world, often post jobs in order to attract potential candidates. There are some stories out there about recruitment agencies, but they truly can have the inside track on many opportunities, in private and public sectors, that may not be posted anywhere else. Recruitment agencies also have special access to certain vendor lists where they get first access to job opportunities and finding them candidates. For example, Annex Consulting Group, an IT recruitment and solutions firm in Vancouver, BC, posts the most IT and management consulting job in British Columbia. Visit Annex’s job board: http://jobs.annexgroup.com/