When you are planning to hire someone for a job, you may not want to take any risk. To eliminate unnecessary risk, you can perform the background check of the applicant. Employment check will help you to know about the candidate’s employment history. It helps you to select an honest and reliable applicant for your organization.

Criminal backgrounds check Canada companies look for:

- Whether the applicant as convicted any crime.

- A conviction for theft, burglary, crime related to alcohol and misuse of company asset.

- Convicted of a sex offense, abusing children and elderly people.

- If the candidate has been fired from a job.

- Whether the applicant has been truthful on his job application and resumes in the interview.

Importance of Criminal Background Checks in Canada

When you are applying for a job in Canada, the employer may want to conduct a background check. The primary aim is to confirm the personal details provided by you to them.

Employers want to confirm whether there is any risk involved in hiring you for the particular job. Employment check will let your employer know whether any disciplinary action was taken against you in a previous job. They include details like where you have worked in the past, how long employed at each company and whether you are fully qualified for the job.

Most candidates present themselves as qualified when they apply for jobs. A criminal background check can eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person.

What Services Are Provided by a Background Check Company in Canada

Today around 80% of employers perform a pre-employment background check on a job candidate. The background check companies perform the job carefully and strictly following Canadian laws and regulations. The company obtains the candidate’s consent before performing the check and ensures the information remains safe. The services include:

- Canadian criminal record check

- Employment verification

- Education verification

- Credential Verifications

- Identity cross-checks

- Reference check

The company performs back-check, based on the name and date of birth of the applicant. The information discovered will be based on the record exists on the date of search.

How Companies Perform Criminal Background Check

When a candidate completes their application form for a job, the background check company in Canada asks to provide necessary personal information. Once the candidate provides required information and signed consent for the check, the company conducts the check by utilizing services from a police department. The police department then conducts the check and provides the report back to the company on time. The result remains accurate, and it will be handed over to the client within one business day.

3 Interesting Benefits of Background Check

1. Researching about education record – The applicants have to provide educational documents for verification. This will help to determine whether the applicant has been truthful about their previous education.

2. It checks about applicant’s previous employment experience – A criminal background checks Ontario companies will find out whether the applicant is telling the truth about their previous employment experience or not. What if you hire a person who doesn’t have the specific skill required for the job.  So a simple employment history check will prevent you from hiring an unskilled person for the job.

3. They check applicant driving record – If you are looking to hire an employee to drive a company vehicle, you need an experienced driver. A driving record will help you a lot to hire the right person for the job.


More than half of the companies in Canada perform a criminal background check of the applicant before they hire an employee. Background check is important, because it gives a better idea of the candidate’s past and also his or her ability and performance.