Confidence in Your Financial Standing

We know that the protection and security of financial information is imperative for anyone working with data, payroll and other monetary responsibilities. Beacuse of this, we at VerificationsCanada™ work with all industries in providing full credit checks, which includes a detailed report and Credit Score.

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a report on how good an individual or business is with money. By having a good credit score, an individual or business is more likely to pay rent or lease on time. An individual with a good credit score also shows they are good employees. A better credit score gives an individual or a business a better advantage when requesting a lower rate on a loan.

VerificationsCanada™ processes Credit Checks primarily for our financial clients, but we also welcome clients from other industries and individuals who want to know their personal credit score. This is why VerificationsCanada™ provides full Credit Checks, which includes a detailed report and credit score.

With all VerificationsCanada™ services, the requirements for Credit Checks are easy to meet.

Credit Score Ranges

850+ = Perfect
850-760 = Excellent
759-725 = Very Good
724-660 = Good
659-560 = Fair
559-300 = Bad

Credit Checks VerificationsCanada™ processes consider any bank accounts, loans, credit cards, automotive payments, utility bill payments, etc., to ensure that every piece of financial information is examined and tallied to offer an accurate credit score. If you are hiring an individual, the threshold of what credit score you allow is completely up to you.

Credit Checks and credit scores provide valuable insights into an individual’s sense of fiscal responsibility and financial situation. These considerations are important when hiring for financial organizations and businesses or for jobs of fiscal responsibility.

How to Get Your Credit Check Online

Step 1

Fill Out all basic

Step 2

Upload 2 pieces of
government issued
photo ID (ie. passport,
driver's license)

Step 3

Provide Social Insurance
Number (SIN)

Step 4

Sign docu sign
technology with
signature matching
photo ID

Receive your credit report within the next 12-48 hours