Peace of Mind and Security in Your Business

There is no doubt that the safety of you, your employees and your company is important. We understand that it is crucial that you only hire candidates with moral character to avoid any criminal activity, assault or harrasement within your organization.

We at VerificationsCanada™ will ensure your security and protection by providing government certified Criminal Background Checks. All of our Criminal Background Checks are issued through the RCMP and The National Depository of Criminal Records.

All Criminal Background Checks are issued through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), National Repository of Criminals Records. VerificationsCanada™ will search the national database for any criminal records and take not if they do or do not exist in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. Our Criminal Background Checks and Enhanced Criminal Background Checks services are completely transparent with all VerificationsCanada™ clients. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to providing safety and confidence that the right person is walking through your doors.

With all VerificationsCanada™ services, the requirements for Criminal Background Checks are easy to meet.

Criminal Background Checks are the most comprehensive criminal screening tools a business or individual can obtain and use to protect their place of business or home or property

How to Get Your Criminal Background Check Online

Step 1

Fill Out all basic

Step 2

Upload 2 pieces of
government issued
photo ID (ie. passport,
driver's license)

Step 3

Sign docu sign
technology with
signature matching
photo ID

Receive your Criminal Background Check within the next couple of hours.