Confidence in Your Employee's Experience.

Business expect that every resume that comes into the HR department is authentic and truthful. Unfortunately this is not always the case. We understand that it is very costly to hire a candidate only to find out that they lack the competency that they claimed on their job application and interview.

With VerificationsCanada™'s Employment Check Service, we are able to verify every single employment history outlined in the candidate's resume along with their skills and experience. We validate everything from the companies the candidate has worked with, to their job title and dates of employment. Our Employment Check Service also includes a Criminal Background Check and Credit Check.

It's important when you are hiring an employee that businesses and HR Managers do complete and through Employment Verification checks to verify the potential employee in front of them being honest with their skills and experience. It happens - an individual is hired for work that they apparently have 10 years of experience in, yet can't seem to perform step one.

At VerificationsCanada™, we confirm every single employment history outlined on the resume when processing an employment Verifications. We professionally verify company names and locations, dates of employment, and positions or titles held. In some cases, the organizations we contact to confirm employment history may be unresponsive, which in this industry more often than not the applicant provided inaccurate or incomplete information. Not to worry, VerificationsCanada™ will send a full Employment Verification Report stating whether or not the information provided to the employer was correct or not.

Employers need to perform an Employment Verification Report to determine whether the resume your candidate presents is true. Did you know that between 46% and 53% of all resumes contain errors? When there is a right job market and the competition is hot, applicants often feel pressured to meet all the requirements, - even if it means telling a little white lie.

By partnering with accredited vendors, VerificationsCanada™ Fingerprinting Services allow you to feel secure and protected with the highest level of safeguarding for you, your potential employee, and your business. VerificationsCanada™, we offer customized solutions through our partnerships with world leaders in digital security, identification and authentication. Our Enhanced Criminal Background Checks service is the perfect example of providing clients with a complete and comprehensive report from using the latest digital security and database technology

How to Get Your Employment Check Online

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Fill Out all basic

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Upload 2 pieces of
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Provide Social Insurance
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Sign docu sign
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