Establishing high benchmarks in service.

1. Integrity. Given the nature of what VerificationsCanada operates, we are obligated to provide clients with the highest level of integrity – doing the right thing – honesty and dependability. We adhere to the strictest standards in the appropriate disclosure of personal information and compliance with the major players, such as:

2. One stop shop. VerificationsCanada is a one stop shop for background checks. Our services include: certified criminal checks, enhanced criminal checks, advanced fingerprinting services, reference checks, employment verification, credit checks and tenant screening.

3. Real-time results. Our services are provided in real-time with results being returned in as little as 4-48 hours. We stay connected, delivering what is asked for in a timely and secure manner.

4. Cost-effective rates. We offer the same products as our major competitors at a lower rate by up to 20%. This not only saves the client money, but they don’t have to sacrifice quality or service.

5. Cutting-edge technology. VerificationsCanada is at the apex of verifications technology, we are constantly striving to better processes and even better results. Our authentication resources are the leaders in identification documents integrating biometrics and number one in the world for Automated Biometrics Identification Systems in fingerprints, iris and face recognition solutions. We have also deployed the world’s largest multibiometric (photo, iris scan and fingerprints) database for 1 to 2 billion people in India. In addition, we have set up biometric fingerprint authentication replacing PIN at ATMS.


6. Knowledge is power. We employ trained verifications specialists who have a vast knowledge base of the field and the details surrounding each specialized service. VerificationsCanada works closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their given resources. We continuously improve our processes and invest in innovative verifications technology to provide more accurate, secure information to our clients.


7. Environmentally sustainable. At VerificationsCanada, we operate a no paper, online process that is environmentally friendly as well as user friendly.

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By partnering with accredited vendors, VerificationsCanada Fingerprinting Services allow you to feel secure and protected with the highest level of safeguarding for you, your potential employee, and your business. VerificationsCanada, we offer customized solutions through our partnerships with world leaders in digital security, identification and authentication. Our Enhanced Criminal Background Checks service is the perfect example of providing clients with a complete and comprehensive report from using the latest digital security and database technology